Journey Energy Inc. (“the  Company”) conducts its operations with the utmost regard for the environment and the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public. We recognize that safe practices, healthy working conditions and conservation of our environment are essential to achieve sustainable profitability and continuity for our Company, stakeholders, and employees.

We are committed to ensuring that our operations do not have a negative impact on the environment or the health and safety of our employees and neighbors. To meet these commitments the Company will:

  • Protect the environment, and the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, the community and other third parties through the control of our workplace environment;
  • Continually improve our processes to manage health, safety and environmental performance, and give HSE consideration, equal status with the Company’s other business objectives;
  • Only start work after confirming that essential safety and environmental protection systems are in place, and willingly suspend activities if safety or the protection of the environment would be compromised;
  • Comply with all legal requirements, follow industry HSE standards in our operations and business activities, and integrate HSE best practices into all aspects of the Company’s work;
  • Encourage personnel to be individually responsible to identify and eliminate hazards, prevent injury to themselves and others, and prevent adverse environmental impacts;
  • Provide and maintain facilities, plants and equipment to meet industry standards;
  • Establish and review the Company’s objectives and targets to ensure that we are meeting our HSE commitments and provide the necessary resources, time and money to support the implementation of this policy;
  • Train the Company’s employees to ensure they are aware of, and understand their roles and responsibilities in meeting the commitments outlined in this HSE policy;
  • Ensure that the Company’s HSE policy, responsibilities, practices and procedures are available to all of its employees, contract personnel and other stakeholders;
  • Hold contractors and third parties accountable for adhering to the Company’s HSE policy and review contractors’ systems and procedures as needed, to ensure satisfactory safety and environmental performance;
  • Hold workers at all levels accountable for being fit for work at the beginning and throughout their shifts, and when on-call; and
  • Hold supervisory management accountable to ensure and promote a safe and healthy workplace, and protection of the environment within their areas of responsibility.

Signed by:

Alex G. Verge

President and Chief Executive Officer

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