Board of Directors

All of Journey’s directors, other than Mr. Alex Verge are independent. The Board has determined that Mr. Craig Hansen, Mr. Steve Smith, Mr. Thomas Mullane, Mr. Scott Treadwell, and Ms. Jenna Kaye are all independent within the meaning set out in NI 58-101.

 The Board has determined that Mr. Verge is not independent as he is the President and CEO of the Company. Although Mr. Verge, is not independent, after considering, among other things, the equity ownership position and personal financial circumstances, the Board is of the view that the Board functions independently of management, and that the Board is organized properly, functions effectively and meets its obligations and responsibilities, including those matters set forth in the mandate of the Board.

 The Company’s independent directors do not hold regularly scheduled meetings at which non-independent directors and members of management are not in attendance. However, in accordance with the mandate of the Board, at the end of or during each Board meeting, the members of the Company’s management and the non-independent directors who are present at such meeting, including Mr. Verge, leave the meeting in order to allow the independent directors to discuss any necessary matters without management and non-independent directors being present.

 The Board has appointed Mr. Hansen as the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Hansen is an unrelated and independent director and, in his role as Chairman, acts in a leadership role facilitating and ensuring the functioning of the Board independently of management, bringing to the attention of the Board and the CEO any issues of independence and conflict, providing leadership to the Board as required and as a contact point for the other independent directors.

Board Mandate

The Board, either directly or through its committees, is responsible for the supervision of management of the Company’s business and affairs with the objective of enhancing Shareholder value.

* Please click here to read the “Board of Directors Mandate” document in PDF format.

Board Committees

The Board has four committees: Audit (Mr. Steve Smith, Chair); Governance & Compensation Committee (Mr. Scott Treadwell, Chair); Environmental and Social (Ms. Jenna Kaye, Chair) and the Reserves Committee (Mr. Thomas Mullane, Chair).  The Board has taken a participative and inclusive attitude to all committee meetings and therefore all Board members are invited to all committee meetings.

Whistleblower Policy

The Board has also adopted a whistleblower policy which provides employees with the ability to report, on a confidential and anonymous basis, any violations within Journey including (but not limited to), criminal conduct, falsification of financial records or unethical conduct. The Board believes that providing a forum for employees, officers and directors to raise concerns about ethical conduct and treating all complaints with the appropriate level of seriousness foster a culture of ethical conduct.


This policy addresses the continuing commitment of Journey Energy Inc. (the “Corporation”) to integrity and ethical behavior. This policy establishes procedures, which allows employees of the Corporation to confidentially and anonymously submit any concerns regarding activity that may be considered ethically, morally or legally questionable to the Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of the Corporation without fear of retaliation.


Any employee of the Corporation who becomes aware of any business, accounting or reporting activity involving the Corporation that may be considered ethically, morally or legally questionable is encouraged to report the activity to the Chair of the Audit Committee as soon as possible. The contact information for the Chair of the Audit Committee is as follows:

Steven Smith, Chair of the Audit Committee
E-mail: (this email goes directly to Mr. Smith)

In addition, if you wish to report any potential whistleblower activities to the senior management of Journey, you can do so by contacting one of the following:

Alex Verge, President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 403-303-3232

Gerry Gilewicz, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 403-303-3238


To the extent practical, the identity of any employee who makes reports pursuant to this policy shall not be revealed to persons in the employee’s department, division, or work location. The Corporation will make good faith efforts to protect the confidentiality of employees making reports; provided, however, the Corporation or its employees and agents shall be permitted to reveal the reporting employee’s identity and confidential information to the extent necessary to permit a thorough and effective investigation.

The Corporation shall not take adverse employment action against an employee in retaliation for:

  1. any reports of wrongdoing made in good faith; or
  2. providing information or causing information to be provided in an investigation conducted by any regulatory agency or authority, or person at the Corporation with supervisory or similar authority over the employee, regarding any conduct the employee in good faith believes constitutes a violation of applicable securities laws, any rule or regulation of any applicable securities commission or any provision of law relating to fraud against the Corporation’s shareholders; or
  3. participating in an investigation, hearing court proceeding or other administrative inquiry in connection with a report of wrongdoing.


Any employee that has made a report to the Chair of the Audit Committee in accordance with this policy and has been subject, as a result, to retaliation from the Corporation or any of its officers or employees should report the retaliation to the Chair of the Audit Committee as soon as possible.

This policy is intended to encourage reporting of wrongdoing by the Corporation’s employees and presumes that employees will act in good faith and will not make false accusations. An employee who knowingly or recklessly makes statements or disclosures that are not in good faith may be subject to discipline, which may include termination. Employees who report acts of wrongdoing pursuant to this policy can, and will continue to be held to the Corporation’s general job performance standards. Therefore, an employee against whom legitimate adverse employment actions have been taken or are proposed to be taken for reasons other than prohibited retaliatory actions, such as poor job performance or misconduct by the employee, is prohibited from using this policy as a defense against the Corporation’s lawful actions.

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